Candida Moss and Joel Baden, two Christian university professors, published a "review" of my first book online in The Daily Beast - but they never read my book.

PDF of the draft article HERE
Michael Paulkovich's critique of a lazy and dishonest publication by Candida Moss and Joel Baden.

About Michael Paulkovich:
Space Systems Engineer, inventor, author, editor, columnist: The American Rationalist, Free Inquiry, American Atheist, Humanist Perspectives, others.

Books: Mostly Harmful: 1001 Things Everyone Should Know About Religion (2020), Beyond the Crusades: Christianity's Lies, Laws and Legacy (2016), No Meek Messiah (2012), One chapter for The Incompatibility of God and Horrendous Suffering, edited by John W. Loftus (Global Center for Religious Research), 2021. Poems in Filling the Void by Jonathan MS Pearce.

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